Second Built Environment Analysis – Extra

The City of Atlanta, Psychologically Impairing its Residents Different spaces and environments are equipped with specific features that psychologically change ones mood and behavioral characteristics. This is evident in the way we feel and function in our day to day … Continue reading 


what you’ve revised, based on this list and possibly other considerations, and how you revised it. Why did you make the particular changes you did? * I made revisions on my posts because I want my reader to keep reading and want to learn more about the subject. Also because I want to get a good […]


MARTA Mayhem Can you believe that since the beginning of MARTA, in 1979, MARTA has transported more than 5 billion commuters? If you’re like me, and an Atlanta Native, then you probably find this statistic highly shocking. Especially since MARTA is represented and historically known as a poor transit system that pushes more inhabitants towards […]

Built Environment Analysis Peer Review

I need a review with Kimberly. Here’s her post i evaluated . I told her get a little personal with it , like add her personal experience with it. And with mine she told me to prove where the stats came from, Show the negative effects of going to a school in the city, grammar, […]

Bibliographic Annotation #9 and #10

Bibliographic Annotation #9: OUTFRONT Media PR, Newswire. “OUTFRONT Media Signs New Contract with Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.” PR Newswire US 05 Dec. 2014: Regional Business News. Web. 24 Apr. 2016. This article is mainly about MARTA’s new agreement with OUTFRONT Media. A company that is North America’s largest transit company. Marta decided to team with them for […]

Bibliographic Annotation 8

Bibliographic Annotation #8: “Communal Commuting: What I’ve Learned From Riding Marta” Maddux, Rachael, and KENDRICK BRIHSON. “Communal Commuting: What I’ve Learned From Riding MARTA.” Atlanta 53.2 (2013): 82-97. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.   This article is a day in the life that Rachel Maddux experienced whiled taking MARTA on a daily commute. She […]

Bibliographic Annotation 4 and 5

Bibliographic Annotation #4: Where It All Went Wrong Monroe, Doug. “Where It All Went Wrong.” Atlanta 52.4 (2012): 86-98. Master FILE. Web. 19 Apr. 2016. This article is a concise article that takes you through a vision of MARTA from its early creation, struggles it had with funding and to where it is now is […]


A Conclusion

Restates thesis in a more in depth way
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