Annotated Bibliography One

Salley, Kim. “Preventing Shelternization: Alleviating The Struggles Of Homeless Individuals And Families In New York City.” Fordham Urban Law Journal 42.4 (2015): 1019-1062. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Feb. 2016.   In the article, “Preventing Shelternization: Alleviating The Struggles Of Homeless Individuals And Families In New York City”, author, Kim Salley, discusses the problems that the homeless man and women of New York City face. While the article has several points and is broken up into four sections that also contain sub-sections, I am primarily focusing on the second section titled: “Sate of the Homeless: Factors Contributing to Homelessness and Failed Legislative Policies. Upon acknowledging the growing homeless population and a lack of preventative measures, Salley sought to provide New York with potential solutions to the problem, such as implementing more preventative programs, closing the gap between the minimum wage and the housing wage and establishing a better public assistance to help them get health care and food. Although the article discusses the struggles facing homeless individuals in New York City and my research topic is Downtown, Atlanta, it is still a reputable source because it was acquired through Georgia State University’s library database. Additionally, both places are popular urban cities and it is possible that some of those problems may also be applicable to the homeless population in Atlanta.   Sparks, Sarah D. “Homeless Student Population Still Rising.” Education Week 33.11 (2013): 1-15. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 3 Feb. 2016.   In the article, “Homeless Student Population Still Rising”, author, Sarah Sparks, discusses how the 2008 recession in the United States has impacted the homeless student population. Sparks considers...

Any Specific Article?

Do we have to do the annotated bibliographies over a certain article or choices like the reading summaries? I just looked at the calendar and it doesn’t have any specifics.

SOS : question

do the 3 annotated bibliography has to have three different topics or locations ?


How should the built environment description be formatted? Is there a word count requirement? Is each description–exterior, interior, digital–about the same environment? Is the built environment analysis based off of the descriptions? In terms of research, is the goal to find information solely about the architectural aspects of spaces?...


For the exterior environment built in environment does it have to just be pictures from the outside of the place? For the Annotated Bibliography are we recommended to use Should we include some pictures in our annotated bib? What exactly do we need to write about for the built...


Is the annotated bib’s supposed to be related on our exterior built environment we chose, and helps us with our final built environment analysis.