Artifacts and Signage

Second Built Environment Analysis – Extra

The City of Atlanta, Psychologically Impairing its Residents Different spaces and environments are equipped with specific features that psychologically change ones mood and behavioral characteristics. This is evident in the way we feel and function in our day to day … Continue reading 

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Digital Artifact #5

This drop down menu is labeled “Constituent Resources”. Here you can find links that’ll direct you to state and federal government agencies and offices, and frequently asked questions and information on the office of the governor. On the navigational panel on the left side you’ll see the following menus ceremonial documents, greeting letter request, FAQs, […]

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Digital Artifact #3

This drop down menu is labeled “Governor”. Here you have various options you can select from to learn about the governor. You can read his biography, see what the governor priorities are on issues, learn about the governor’s staff, visit the photo gallery, learn about the intern program, and schedule a request to either meet […]

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Architectural Roadblocks Within The Classroom

Reading Summary #6 Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage; it sounds so familiar to us nowadays, because those are words that are being used so freely to describe our society’s necessity to adapt and move forward in our way of thinking and teaching. Transform, Interact, Learn and Engage; or better known as, “TILE”. It is a an […]

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Digital Record Perimeter College Face Lift

Built Environment Perimeter Collage Face Lift Georgia Perimeter College had a facelift.  This mid-sized two-year college has transformed to become a bonified four-year institution.  Georgia Perimeter College has merged with Georgia State University to become one of the largest universities in the country. Exhibit one show GPC one year ago flying “Panther” colors with pride […]

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Built Environment “The Giant Impact.”

Built Environment “The Giant Impact.” Built Environment of Stone Mountain description talked about how Stone Mountain formed.  The Mountain is an intrusive igneous rock 300 million years old formed from a pluton chamber 16 km. Benith the earth’s crust (Whitney, 1976).  The research information lead to rock types, weathering rock features and deposit formations.  Further […]

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Marta Digital Record #5

This page gives visitors a brief overview on how to use Marta. On this page it will teach visitors how to get from point A to point B, enable visitors to plan their trip according to their time schedule, and it will show visitors popular destinations around the Atlanta area and how to get get […]

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Marta Digital Record #4

This page gives an overview over the Marta bus and train schedules and this page provides a map of the routes that both the train and the bus go on. At first glance the Marta bus and train maps will look confusing, but once you get onto the correct line that going in the right […]

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Marta Digital Record #1

This page gives visitors a brief overview of the history of Marta and what they are all about. This page could be used for people wanting to do research on Marta, find a job working for Marta, and people looking to get in contact with security as well as people that have a leadership role.

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