Grade Calculation

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You will earn points for just about everything you do in this course–attending class, completing in-class work, studying, major projects, contributing material to our collaborative archive about the built environment in Atlanta, etc., etc.:

  • Reading Summaries (6): 300-600 points
  • Annotated Bibliography (10 entries): 250-500 points
  • Built Environment Descriptions (3, 1 each for exterior, interior, digital space): 300-600 points
  • Built Environment Analysis (1): 300-600 points
  • Participation (including attendance): 400-???

You can also lose points for missing class, failing to turn in a project on time, coming to class unprepared, etc., etc. At the end of the course, if you have completed all four of the major projects (reading summaries, annotated bibliography, built environment descriptions, and built environment analysis), your letter grade will be assigned based on the points you’ve earned. In order to pass the course, you must complete all four of the major projects. FAILURE TO COMPLETE ANY OF THE MAJOR PROJECTS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC GRADE OF “C-,” MEANING THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-TAKE THE CLASS.

If you complete all four of the major projects, earning at least the minimum number of points for each and miss no more than four class meetings (two for hybrid sections), you will earn at least 1,475 points and pass the course with at least a grade of “C.” After that, your grade will be determined by the number of points you’ve earned in total. Students who complete all four of the major projects and earn at least 2,500 points will automatically receive a grade of “A.”

For those who earn below 2,500 points and more than 1,475 points (and complete all the major projects), the top earner from each section will determine the grading scale for the rest of section.

For instance, let’s say the top earner in your section completed all of the major projects and accrued 2,600 points. She will get an A+ and everyone who completed all of the major projects and earned at least 2,500 points will get an A. Further, the top points score of 2,600 determines the grading scale for everyone who completed all the major projects but didn’t earn at least 2,500 points as follows:

A-/A: major projects complete + 2,340-2,600 points
B-/B/B+: major projects complete + 2,080-2,339 points
C/C+: major projects complete + 1,475-2,079 points
Non-passing: one or more major projects incomplete, or fewer than 1,475 points total

You will be able to view a record of which major projects you’ve completed and how many points you’ve earned at any time in your class notebook on OneNote. Keeping track of your total points and completed projects is the only thing for which we will be using OneNote.

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