A general saying that has truth to it. Synonyms being: proverb, cliche, and motto.


Being involved with others in doing something illegal or wrong. Similar to being an accomplice.

Annotated Bibliography 4: Bicycle Lanes

“Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center.” Accessed February 24, 2016. The article, “Bicycle Lanes”, the author clearly defines the use of bike. Bike lanes offer a, “…sense of comfort and perceived safety…” Bike lanes are away to maintain safety for motorist and bicyclist. The lanes offer a safe area for bicyclists to prevent dooring and other accidents caused when they don’t have a safe place to ride their bikes. There are many things to consider before having a bike lane. Bike lanes may require a lot of maintenance to keep debris out of the lanes to prevent accidents. Bike lanes are also very expensive; prices ranging from 5,000 to 535,000 dollars. On the flip side bike lanes promotes safety to pedestrians and motorists. This article relates to the overall built environment because it shows how willing some communities are able prepared to go, to make everyone in the community feel welcome and safe. There are bike lanes in the downtown Atlanta area which shows how diverse the city actually is. it has lanes for anyone regardless how they get to their...

Internal Design Summary: Making Bathrooms More Accommodating

In her work Emily Bazelon sheds light on one of the most private and vulnerable places that we all share: the restroom. Many people, including myself, take for granted the simple luxury of walking into our respective toiletries and walking out, knowing which we belong to and being accepted whether it’s the mensroom or women’s room. However for those that are transgendered or gender fluid that is to the case. Bazelon points out the fact that in many places across the country and across the world, people that identify as something other than what is classified as standard do not have the same luxury as many people do. A transgendered woman is forced to enter a male bathroom in many places, and what isn’t talked about in the article is that for a lot of transgendered men and women this often dangerous and sometimes deadly. In places like Houston where people in masse voted against the accommodation of transgendered idividuals, some even stating that they don’t want men in a woman’s bathroom. Accommodation is a word that is under a microscope in this article and I believe it’s because many people are unaware of what it truly means. Some believe the word to mean “having to give away to make room for someone else’s needs” whereas the true definition is a lot closer to “an equal exchange for a more harmonic outcome.” Either definition you use, it is still no excuse as to why the morally compassionate individual cannot accommodate someone just trying to fit in in this world. Bazelon brings up the good point when stating that the...

Key Word search terms for my research

college quads/plazas– I am looking for information on how other college quads and plazas are designed in comparison to GSU’s Library plaza aesthetics– what contributes to the overall feel of a college environment (inclusiveness, inviting) landscape– the landscaping of a campus is a factor in how students interact with each other campus planning–   What kind of environment does a college administration want to create through the landscaping? design- how does the overall design of a campus influence the interactions among students ? built...